What is meant by Landscaping?

The word landscaping doesn’t mean the process of fixing grass on the earth, but it is the blend of art, science and creativity. It refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of a land or surrounding environment. Landscaping can be differentiated into two; softscaping and hardscaping. Fixing of plants simply means softscapes, there will not be any construction related works observed in this process. All civil constructions and land development activities such as pathways, patios, curbs, planter boxes, gazebos, walls, water bodies etc., are classified into Hardscapes. A proper blend of different hardscape structures or constructions with well defined softscapes make any premises more beautiful.

Do we consult a landscaping consultant for making pathways?

It is very important to consult a landscaping expert for this matter. If you have a formal home, symmetrical line may be the best. If you have a traditional home, consider using those material which gives more natural look. Home owners need to keep in mind such details as weather conditions and potential uses for the path when discussing your project with the landscaping consultant.

How we can mask the structural abnormalities with help of landscaping?

Select the suitable plants and place it where ever the structural abnormalities exist. If you want to mask some area, the better option is to fix the trellis and allow the creeper plant to cover the entire area. It will give you privacy and the ambiance as well.

How often do we need to mow our lawn?

Depends upon the growing media and the climatic changes the growth of the lawn may vary. Usually it needs 30 to 40 days to get it moved. It is better to remove all the weeds from the root level before lawn mowing; otherwise the weeds may spread on the lawn very rapidly.

Can terrace gardens have big or small trees planted?

Those small trees having fibrous root systems are advisable for the roof gardening. Tap rooted plants have a general tendency to pierce through the media. This will cause serious damages to the roof.

What can damage lawn grass?

Termites, small white insects, worms and the fungi are the agents causes damages on the lawn .If you maintain the lawn properly and regularly none of these agents will attack the lawn

My plants are growing in healthy manner. Do I need to spray insecticide now?

Prevention is better than cure. It is advisable to spray the insecticide occasionally in a low concentration to prevent diseases in future.

I have grown some plants in my gardens, but they don’t look good, their leaves patched with brown spots. What could be the reason?

This is due to the excess exposure of sunlight on the leaves. It is better to keep the plant in semi shaded area. If the leaves grow comparably smaller in size and the stem shoot out in leaner manner, the scenario indicates the need of more sunlight.

What is the role of watering in gardening?

In this universe the life forms need water for their daily activities. Some plants need more water than others. If the plants looks unhealthy with yellowish leaves, it generally indicates the excess usage of water. On the other side, if the plant with brown leaves and dried leaves and stems, it indicates watering is insufficient.

What types of pots can we use for planting?

Better use terracoatta/mud pots than plastic. These type f pots are most preferable because, the pores on their surface help to get aeration to plants planted in them.

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